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Our septic tank repair service is a fast and affordable solution for any homeowner who needs their septic tank fixed. Our team will come out on the same day you call us and get things running smoothly again as quickly as possible. We also offer septic tank maintenance services, so if you’re having trouble with your toilet or other problem, give us a ring! We have done them all and can handle any plumbing problem in your Jamesville, NC home, from repairs to replacements.

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Problems to Look Out for Regarding Septic Tanks

Despite their long lifespan, the moment will come when you need septic tank repair. However, due to its location below ground, it might be hard to tell if there is damage to your system. Fortunately, some telltale symptoms indicate it’s time to call general plumbing services and get septic repair or replacement.

Septic tank repair may be necessary if you notice:

  • Blockages: Your septic tank may be to blame if your pipes or toilets drain slowly, the toilet doesn’t flush well, you hear gurgling noises coming from your drains, or notice other indicators of drainage problems in your house.
  • Foul Odor: We all know how the sewage smell can get extremely unpleasant. Your septic tank may be overflowing or leaking if you notice a strong, bad smell emanating from your yard, house, or drainage.
  • Pooling Water: If water or other fluids are gathering in your yard, your septic system may have a problem disposing of wastewater properly.

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If You’re Having Trouble With Your Toilet, Call Us Now!

CMH Septic Solutions can help if your system is beyond restoration. You don’t have to worry about the septic repair or replacement cost because we provide affordable services tailored to your needs! Give us a call the moment you notice something’s wrong, and we’ll do a thorough check and give you our expert, honest opinion. Count on our qualified team in Jamesville, NC, and we can guarantee a smooth septic tank repair so you can return to your daily routine.

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